Learn about our approach to the financial planning process – from initial discussions through to preparing and implementing financial strategy solutions as well as delivering ongoing updates and reviews.

The sophistication behind an effective financial strategy can often be underestimated and made more complex by constantly shifting landscapes. That’s why seeking professional advice is so important. We offer tailored advice and strategy solutions based on your current circumstances and life stage. Our ‘fee-for-advice’ approach means that the fees you pay are agreed in advance before any personal advice is given and you can be confident that there are no hidden fees.

Our financial advisers will work with you through a six-step process:

  1. Complimentary consultation - Your initial consultation with us is complimentary and without obligation. During this meeting we will discuss your financial objectives, goals for the future and your expectations.

  2. Information gathering - We will work through confidential discussions designed to understand you, your background, investment objectives, risk tolerance and existing financial circumstances.

  3. Discuss your financial opportunities - Together we discuss the available strategies to help meet your objectives. We take into consideration the feasibility of these strategies and any gaps. At this meeting you have the opportunity to agree on fees before proceeding.

  4. Preparing your strategy - Having thoroughly researched your individual needs and investment objectives, we will develop a detailed and structured financial plan. Your plan may outline a number of strategies and identify appropriate investments, as well as any social security issues, risk management, and taxation planning. It will also detail the benefits, features, and costs associated with our recommendations. The result is a total financial solution presented in a detailed report – known as a Statement of Advice.

  5. Implementing your strategy - Once the strategies have been presented and agreed, we will commence implementing the strategies as set out in our recommendations.

  6. Ongoing Service - We place significant emphasis on the need for ongoing service, advice and reviews. Understanding what has changed, whether it be with your personal circumstances or legislative changes, will help us ensure that your strategy is robust and continuing to track towards your goals.